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Returns Reduction

How the COO Can Own Returns in 2019

As the COO, you’re the second in command. Implementing strategy across the organization while optimizing resources is your mission. Aligning the...

Returns Reduction

How the CMO Can Leverage Returns Data in 2019

As the CMO, you’re the prime innovator, strategist, and analyst. People look to you to lead the way. It would be nice if working by the seat of your...


Don’t be Wary of Wearables

At CommercialWare, my first company, we pioneered what was then called, multi-channel retail.  With roots in catalog mail-order and with the advent...


Omnichannel Fulfillment: Lynchpin in Retail

Introduction As Supply chains are reeling under increasing pressure from competition, omnichannel consumer expectations and the likes of Amazon...


What the Carrier will NOT tell the Retailer!

This day and age, as every part of the supply chain tries to squeeze out cost savings, with the turn of 2013 into 2014, logistics in general and...

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