March 17-20

Las Vegas, NV


We Deal with Returns, Differently

Find the Why. Fix the Problem.

💬When did you ever hear anyone say, "You need to shop at this retailer because they have a great return experience." Never.
So why are customers returning a trillion dollars in merchandise and expecting free returns? That needs to be solved - with data, not opinions. 🤔
Shoptalk is where thousands of retail changemakers come together every year to create the future of retail. The Shoptalk agenda covers the latest technologies, trends and business models. In short, at Shoptalk, you find fresh ideas and new solutions to problems.
That's us. We're a new AND proven solution to a problem that can no longer be ignored - returns. But we're not about efficiently processing them (that's old news), we're about addressing the factors that cause them - from planning to the last mile.
Oh, and if you are looking for one example of why customers were returning merchandise. Watch the video below (Or look at the thumbnail. 😀) 

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