The Lead Innovation Summit

July 12-13 | NYC


Profitability through AI Returns Reduction

For many retailers, up to 25% of their revenue is lost from returns. And while reselling and re-commercing merchandise will alleviate some of that pain, at some point, the reason that consumers return merchandise needs to be mitigated. (Hint: It's not all bracketing and wardrobing. Most consumers don't buy merchandise so that they can spend more of their time and energy to return it.) 
Yet before AI, it was impossible to get to the root cause of a return in time to do something about it. But now you can.
More than 2000+ leaders from fashion, beauty, home, consumer & retail converge at the Lead Innovation Summit to optimize growth strategies and solve key challenges. This two-day summit features more than 140 stand-out speakers and 45 content sessions that break down every aspect of a brand's direct-to-consumer business, online and offline.
Navjit Bhasin, CEO & Founder, will speak at The Lead Innovation Summit on July 12-13th in NYC! His interview with Steve Worthy will explore next-generation technology for the direct-to-consumer business model.
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