Jenny Gorlin

Jenny is Newmine's Marketing Manager. Having recently completed her MSc. in Marketing at Trinity College, Dublin, Jenny brings a global perspective of consumer behavior and customer decision journeys. She's passionate about how omnichannel retail is being used today to create powerful customer experiences.

Stories by Jenny

Returns Reduction

Does Your Organization Need a Returns Champion?

Newmine interviews retail and supply chain expert Rich McMahon to explore why he thinks retailers need to think differently about product returns.


Using Technology to Prevent Product Returns

There are a variety of ways in which retailers can optimize their returns management and start strategically preventing returns using technology.

Returns Reduction

Returns: The Retail Sustainability Challenge

Sustainability is becoming a core strategic priority for retailers. Learn how product returns prevention helps retailers minimize environmental...


The Silver Lining in Holiday Returns

In this webinar, learn how returns reduction offers a healthier path forward for retailers in 2021 after the holiday product returns surge.


Returns: The Bottom Line Bully

As we approach Q4 of 2020, we decided to do a Newmine Rewind series and republish some of our most visionary content. We’re calling it “Product...

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