Don’t just manage product returns - Reduce them.

Quit reacting to rising product returns and start proactively reducing them. The best return is one that never has to happen.



High return rates have become the retail industry’s most expensive problem.

Retailers have seen their bottom lines erode as skyrocketing return rates have impacted all facets of the business: From operational, to supply chain and inventory, to customer experience.


of all online apparel sales are returned.


Revenue leakage from returns can be 30%+ in some segments.


On average, every return is handled by more than 7 people.


of first time customers that experience a return will NOT revisit that retailer to shop.

Customers Disappointed at Purchase Package Web

Why manage returns, when you can reduce them?

The acceleration of e-commerce growth has caused an escalation in returns. But even with the best returns experience imaginable, retailers are leaving money on the table and diminishing brand value every day they go by without reducing returns. 

Want to know how much returns reduction can save you?


Returns reduction has never been easier with Chief Returns Officer.

The engine that powers returns reduction is Chief Returns Officer®, an AI-driven platform that integrates millions of enterprise-wide data points, distills this data into meaningful actions, and coordinates all activities with your business team.

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High KeepScore Customer

It's time to shift focus away from what customers buy, to what they keep.

Consider this: The majority of customers don't buy products in anticipation of returning them. Chief Returns Officer's KeepScore index classifies products, suppliers, and customers based on the likelihood of the purchase turning into a return.

It’s time to focus on designing, procuring, and delivering products that your customers will both purchase and keep. Click below to discover retail's most powerful new metric.


Keep your customers returning, not your merchandise.

Ensuring Retailers Thrive in a Transforming World.