Mark Lightbody

Mark is a retail domain expert with 35+ years as an accomplished software executive with hands on experience in retail and direct channels. He brings a deep understanding of the opportunities and complexities related to the design, implementation, and adoption of enterprise software and technologies. Mark’s hands-on experience supporting a wide range of leading retail brands in critical supply and value chain initiatives gives him a unique understanding of the business processes and metrics required to successfully manage and grow a business.

Stories by Mark

Returns Reduction

How the COO Can Own Returns in 2019

As the COO, you’re the second in command. Implementing strategy across the organization while optimizing resources is your mission. Aligning the...

Returns Reduction

How the CMO Can Leverage Returns Data in 2019

As the CMO, you’re the prime innovator, strategist, and analyst. People look to you to lead the way. It would be nice if working by the seat of your...

Returns Reduction

Newmine at ShopTalk 2018

Our founder, Navjit Bhasin, visited ShopTalk 2018 to give a TechTalk on how retailers can use technology—specifically machine learning and AI...

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