Multichannel Merchant: Product Returns Council Seeks to Tackle Growing Issue of Product Returns

Multichannel Merchant interviewed RVCF Founder Kim Zablocky about why he partnered with Newmine in the launch of the Product Returns Council.

To combat the growing problem of retail and ecommerce returns, which continue to eat away at profit margins, the Retail Value Chain Federation and returns prevention software provider Newmine have joined forces to create the Product Returns Council and work on solutions.

“All I listened to in the last 30 years is CFOs and retail companies saying, product returns are a cost of doing business,” said Kim Zablocky, founder of RVCF. “Well guess what, no one can afford the kind of cost returns are creating without trying to stem the erosion of profit. It’s a worthwhile endeavor, helping to spread the word. This should be an industry-wide initiative.”

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