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Newmine Tops Reverse Logistics Association’s Start Up Pitch Contest

Returns reduction tech company wins the Judges Award

Returns reduction tech company wins the Judges Award

SOUTHBOROUGH, MA – February 28, 2023— The Reverse Logistics Association (RLA), the global voice of the returns and reverse logistics industry, voted Newmine, the leader in returns reduction and returns intelligence technology, winner of its first ever Start Up Pitch Contest. Newmine won over five other firms that address reverse logistics challenges including self-service returns, damaged returns or policy abuse and re-processing goods at warehouse on digital returns.

The competition, held at RLA’s annual conference in Las Vegas, February 7-9, involved each startup having seven minutes to ‘pitch’ its solution in front of five esteemed judges and more than 750 attendees. Two awards were given – The Judges Award, which Newmine won, and the Audience Award. The company was presented a trophy and will be included in an exclusive interview with RLA’s RL Magazine.

“This was a very close race, with all of the entrants presenting great pitches that really try to help our members and others improve their reverse logistics challenges. We’re delighted with the how the process unfolded and congratulate Newmine for its win,” said Tony Sciarrotta, Executive Director of RLA.

In addition to Newmine, the contestants for the honor included Boomerang, Carolina Sisters, Pollen Returns, Returns Worldwide and Tompkins Robotics. 

“The other solution providers contending for this award gave great presentations and I thank them for the work they’re doing to bring new efficiencies and added performance to the supply chain. I’m proud that our effort was rewarded – it validates the Newmine team’s effort to drive innovation in the returns space,” said Navjit Bhasin, Founder & CEO of Newmine.

Newmine’s Chief Returns Officer is an AI-driven SaaS solution that provides retailers and consumer brands the opportunity to think differently about returns. While most solutions focus on the easing of the returns process, Newmine’s solution determines the reasons for those returns in-time to take corrective action and prevent them from happening in the first place.

About The Reverse Logistics Association

The Reverse Logistics Association is the only authoritative body for best practices related to reverse logistics. RLA is a member-driven, global trade association for the returns and reverse industry. The RLA offers information, research, solutions, and facilitates networking introductions for manufacturers, retail companies, and third-party providers. Our goal is to educate and inform reverse logistics professionals globally and be the voice of the reverse industry. For more on RLA and the conference please visit

About Newmine

Newmine’s vision is to ensure retailers thrive in a transforming world. Newmine’s Chief Returns Officer® is the first and only SaaS returns intelligence platform that helps in reducing returns. This AI-powered platform gives retailers a holistic view of returns-related insights, prescribes corrective action and enables collaboration. Visit for more information.

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