Returns Reduction Webinar Hosted by RVCF and Newmine

Building a Strong Defense Against Rising Customer Returns is the first of an RVCF Returns Reduction Education Series brought to you by Newmine.

For many years, retailers have adopted the mindset that Merchandise Returns are just a cost of doing business. But market demand for free and easy returns is causing retailers significant financial stress, from increased operating expense, strain on reverse logistics and DC square footage, and most importantly decreased EBITDA. While customer returns will never be eliminated, retailers can implement a defensive process that will lower return rates and recoup lost revenue from customer returns.

In Newmine’s Webinar for RVCF, Building a Strong Defense Against Rising Customer Returns, retail operations and technology experts Felton Lewis and Mark Lightbody discussed how to build a strong defense against rising customer returns, with topics such as:

  • Building the returns reduction business case
  • Defensive countermeasures to protect your bottom line
  • Understanding the 4 Pillars of Returns Reduction
  • Retailers have the data: How do you put it to work?

To watch, please get in touch.

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