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The Retail Returns Prevention Playbook

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What You'll Learn in this Playbook

A convergence of forces is dictating that returns prevention become a strategic priority for retailers and brands. However, most retailers do not know how or where to start with returns prevention. One of the biggest hurdles retailers face is the multi-functional footprint of returns along with a lack of executive ownership.

The Playbook "A Guide for Retail Returns Prevention" offers a structured framework for returns prevention, spanning 5 key business dimensions and 3 foundational technology capabilities. The intent of this report is to offer you a running start by identifying what should be key components of your returns prevention plan. 


In 2021, US shoppers returned $761 billion worth of merchandise to retailers. That's a whopping 17% of retail trade.


Since eCommerce orders are returned 2X-3X more than store bought purchases, continued eCommerce growth will only lead to a further increase in returns. Managing returns has become a critical imperative for any retailer or brand focused on sustainable eCommerce growth.