Navjit Bhasin

Navjit Bhasin is the Founder/CEO of Newmine. He is a visionary expert in strategy, technology, operations, and change management. As a veteran entrepreneur and an active angel investor, he has worked in hands-on roles for 100s of retailers and consumer brands. Navjit has nearly 20 years’ experience in technology and business integration focused on omnichannel retailers and consumer brands.

Stories by Navjit

Returns Reduction

Serial Returners: What you need to know

Are you a retailer with serial returners? Read on to find out more about who serial returners are and why they return products so frequently.

Returns Reduction

Why Aren’t Retailers Able to Reduce Returns?

As we approach Q4 of 2020, we decided to do a Newmine Rewind series and republish some of our most visionary content. We’re calling it “Product...


The Missing Executive in the C-Suite

We surveyed retailers and found one of the primary obstacles they face when trying to reduce customer returns is the lack of executive ownership of...

Returns Reduction

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

Short Circuit (1986) is a Sci-Fi comedy about a robot, Johnny-Five, that gets struck by lightning causing it to become sentient and allowing it to...


Omnichannel Fulfillment: Lynchpin in Retail

Introduction As Supply chains are reeling under increasing pressure from competition, omnichannel consumer expectations and the likes of Amazon...


What the Carrier will NOT tell the Retailer!

This day and age, as every part of the supply chain tries to squeeze out cost savings, with the turn of 2013 into 2014, logistics in general and...

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