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Apparel Mag: The Missing Executive in the C-Suite

We surveyed retailers and found one of the primary obstacles they face when trying to reduce customer returns is the lack of executive ownership of the returns challenge. Our founder, Navjit Bhasin, discussed the results in Apparel Mag.

Here’s a great exercise to start this discussion: Try searching “which retail executive owns customer returns?” The result is the equivalent of search engine “crickets.” Granted, you will see links to several good articles that cite the growing issue of customer returns or creative ways to process and liquidate returns. You will not, however, find a direct answer to your query.  So, why is this important?

According to the RVCF report “Understanding and Overcoming the Challenges of Customer Returns,” many retailers struggle with answering these questions themselves:

When survey participants were asked which business area “owns” the annual returns number, “Supply Chain/Distribution” was the most popular choice, tied with “Other.” When survey participants were asked which executive “owns” the annual returns number, the “Other” category received the most responses.

Check out Navjit Bhasin’s article in Apparel Magazine to learn more.

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