Partnered with Microsoft

Newmine’s ambition is to help retailers and brands become more data-driven so they can navigate the ever-changing retail landscape.

Our first mission? Reduce product returns and help retailers build resilient supply chains, empower their employees, and deliver products that delight customers. We’ve partnered with Microsoft to help us deliver returns reduction to the retail industry worldwide.



Satya Nadella Mentions Newmine in Keynote Address

Satya Nadella mentioned Newmine as part of his keynote address at Microsoft Inspire, their largest partner event of the year. Satya highlights the integral role of partners during the launch of Microsoft Cloud for Retail, which is built on 4 strategic pillars:

      • Know your customers
      • Empower your employees
      • Build resilient supply chains
      • Reimagine retail

NRF B!G IDEAS: Retail 2021 & Beyond

Unlocking a new wave of cloud innovation produced by Microsoft

Tom Ripley, CEO of Lids, and Navjit Bhasin, CEO of Newmine sat down with Microsoft's Corporate Vice President of Retail, Shelley Bransten to discuss how Microsoft Cloud for Retail is accelerating their journey and helping them to transform their businesses.

Watch to learn how Microsoft is partnering with retailers to unlock a new wave of cloud innovation that builds greater resiliency and agility during a time of constant change.


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