Returns Resolved

Actionable Steps Every Retailer Can Take

Returns have become an inevitable part of the retail landscape, but the status quo doesn't have to be the norm.

Last year, we released Returns Uncovered - New Insights on a Growing Problem, discussing the retail returns issue and questioning conventional solutions.

In this second edition, we examine retail relationships and provide quick, actionable steps that every retailer can take to reduce returns.

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What's Inside This Report

Expert Opinions

Expert Opinions

Thought leadership from retail executives and analysts.

Unique Benchmarks

Unique Benchmarks

Cleansed return data not found anywhere else.

Retail Relationships

Retail Relationships

Discoveries and opportunities between retailers, customers and vendors.

Practical Solutions

Practical Solutions

Actionable strategies to mitigate returns and enhance profitability.


What The Experts Say

"This is an important read that provides a clear path to increasing both margin and customer experience in these times of slower growth."

"It introduces KeepScore™, an innovative tool that integrates with various systems to provide a new dimension of analysis and actionable insight...'Returns Resolved' offers valuable guidance for retailers to optimize their returns management process and ultimately enhance their profitability."

"The Returns Resolved report is unique because it focuses on the customer shopping experience and returns prevention. It is a great resource for returns managers to learn new strategies to reduce returns and their associated costs."


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