Employee Spotlight: Yasmine Sayed, Sr. Project Manager

Yasmine Sayed is running and talking on the treadmill. Fitting right in New York’s energetic Lower East Side vibe, Newmine’s Senior Consultant laments, “I haven’t figured out how to do the laptop on the treadmill yet…it seems a little tricky.”  But one immediately gets the impression she’s going to figure it out: “My favorite thing is solutioning,” she says, when raving about what she loves about her work.

That restless energy and vision to see how things fit together in work and life are at Yasmine’s core. They are crucial attributes for a successful Project Manager.  “I basically gather and put together requirements, solution from a high level, make project plans, track them, and get it done from start to finish.” For some clients, that has included everything from digital merchandising, change management, and in-store training for an entire store fleet. Yasmine has been responsible for a growing spectrum of projects, including anything from front-end changes to websites, back-end fulfillment, or change in stores for some of Newmine’s clients.

This is Yasmine’s third year working for Newmine. She works from her home where she switches her work station between desk and couch frequently and listens to NPR to tune out other noise. When she’s not on work calls or planning a project, Yasmine is an avid yogi who practices daily. “My life is a lot of yoga, wine, and cooking.”

JG: Tell me a little bit about your journey to working at Newmine.

Yasmine: I started working with a small internet marketing company upon graduating from University of Tampa’s John H. Sykes College of Business. I managed creative initiatives for 30 unique brands across the United States and Europe. I was able to leap to an eCommerce Manager job at Coach. There, we launched initiatives such as Live Chat and the mobile website. It was during the mobile and tablet replatforming at Coach I met Navjit [referring to Navjit Bhasin, Newmine’s founder]. I remember thinking he was the best project manager I’d ever seen in action, because he’s insanely organized and detail-oriented.

Not unlike Yasmine herself.

JG: What do you like most about the work you do?

Yasmine: I like to build things and solve problems. I’m not a coder or developer, but I’ve always gravitated towards the IT side. I’m very technical, and I understand the systems and how they work together. I like figuring out how things work and how to make them work, and everything I do is directed towards maximizing revenue for retailers.

JG: What project are you most proud of?

Yasmine: Actually, the Chief Returns Officer® conceptualization. When I joined Newmine, the team had already begun thinking about the problem of merchandise returns and returns reduction. When you think of how these things come to life… It’s people sitting in a room throwing ideas around. Eventually, the Chief Returns Officer platform as a full-service returns reduction platform began to take shape. To see it come to life—I love that. I love to have a piece that I contributed.

JG: What are you excited to watch unfold in the next few years for the retail industry?

Yasmine: Omnichannel has been around for so long, but the actual execution of it is very hard. I now see companies really achieving that. Retail is struggling, but I believe the best way retailers can maximize their inventory is by using all their stores as distribution centers. And clearly there will be a significant push towards more automation along the value chain, beyond just fulfillment. Processes will become more seamless and encourage shoppers to purchase across channels.

JG: Best life adventure?

Yasmine: In 2015 I booked a one-way ticket to Thailand. I love any beach, particularly in Thailand or Italy. I remember I traveled to Chiang Mai, which is known as the digital nomad capital of the world. I met all these people who were working from there remotely, and I just thought I really want something like that, where I can be anywhere!  But I eventually returned to NYC. The week I got back, I got a text from Navjit asking what I was up to. Even though I was planning to hit the road again, I began consulting for Newmine.  The opportunity convinced me to remain in New York. It kind of felt like it was meant to be.

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