Newmine Announces Operational Funding Opportunity Analysis

Southborough, MA – May 14 – Newmine, a global omnichannel retail consulting firm, today announced the availability of its latest service, Operational Funding Opportunity Analysis.  With this offering, Newmine addresses the frustrations of retailers and consumer brands struggling to find ways to execute key strategic and operational initiatives, but are not able to do so due to budget constraints.

The innovative Operational Funding Opportunity Analysis is a 1-2 day comprehensive assessment of a retailer’s or consumer brands’ outbound shipping expenses which yields specific actions for reducing those costs, often dramatically.  The hard dollar savings identified through this analysis can then be reallocated to important but unfunded initiatives for growth or customer retention.

“Our goal is to provide retailers and consumer brands with a way to achieve their strategic and operational goals within the confines of their existing budgets,” said Navjit Bhasin, CEO of Newmine. “We see critical projects go unexecuted all the time because of a lack of budget resource.  Our Operational Funding Opportunity Analysis is a rapid way to identify hard dollar savings and help the client reallocate that savings into key projects.”

The output of the Operational Funding Opportunity Analysis is a clear, actionable set of recommendations for shipping expense reduction.  The client can execute on those recommendations themselves, or Newmine’s team of experts can take on that role on behalf of the client.  Newmine can also review and analyze other operational and IT areas for savings and budget reallocation.

About Newmine

Newmine is a focused consultancy with practices that support the full retail business cycle.  Services include systems and operations strategic planning, evaluation and optimization, due diligence for merger and acquisition events, change management and business integration.  We provide these services to retailers, consumer brands and private equity firms with investments in the retail sector.

The company specializes in helping businesses develop and bring to market a coherent Omni-Channel retail strategy, assess and optimize operations and systems for revenue growth, cost reduction and risk mitigation. Newmine also enables new infrastructure projects with existing IT and operational staffing.  Newmine’s experienced, hands-on team offers a high-value alternative to large, traditional consulting firms.

Our team has worked with mid-market and multi-billion dollar retailers like Eddie Bauer, Express, Macy’s, Nordstrom and Staples, internationally known brands such as Brooks Brothers, Coach, Coldwater Creek, Orchard Brands and Patagonia and top private equity companies like Golden Gate Capital and Sycamore Partners.  Our experts have kept them competitive, profitable and have helped to enhance the value of their brands.  For more information about how Newmine can drive positive change for your business, contact or


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